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Car worth about 7k, trans/tc work about 4k. Emissions are fine, but DTC thrown over torque converter lockup. Is there a way to pass the car, without having to do all the trans work?
I am looking for a good yet cheaper solution to replace the battery rather than spending extra money at a car garage.
My car makes a noise every time I start it and turn the wheel. when I turn the wheel, it makes a humming or grinding noise. It stops after the car is warmed up.
Have both 530i and 323ix. "fULL SERVE" attendant put 2 quarts of 10-30 natural in the 323 without asking. Will oit do any damage to the engine?
ive checked fuses , i cant find any wireing diagrams so i can trace down the problem, dont know what relay to check, any help would be great. i know my way around cars and wireing but i dont have any way to get the di...
I can now only partially read odometer and other digital indicators.
I like to know if some body had the same problem and how much was to fix.
What are the cost related to the diagnostic code p0741? Is it worth fixing?
What does the diagnostic code mean and what can be done? Is it expensive to fix?
the car runs fine I just have the check engine light on
if the alarm is triggered does it keep the car from starting until something is reset? Or is there anything else that would have a safety feature that would keep the car from starting?