car was bought new then given to me,nothing has been altered. Early morning car started then died after a few seconds (engine sounded normal),I tried to start again but this time sounded like when getting a compression test(sound like plugs removed). One BMW dealer tells me engine is NON-interference and the other dealer tells me it's interference. Please tell me for sure as I can afford repairs if non-interference(possibly do repair myself).IF DUAL VANOS operation failed w/no valve damage(non-interference),would engine quit start&sound like escaping compression,as vanos controls camshaft position????. Thank you very much and pray valves weren't damaged and I don't have to remove head to get completely machined. VIN: wbadt6343icf05573

i was getting major over heating so i replaced my water pump also losing all my coolant really fast so not only is the water pump new i still i have a leak from a pipe or a hose running along side the engine under the intake i just cannot find its name to replace. Please help

this car was an auction car it had no keys so I spent the 225.00 to get a key put in a fresh battery and started it up at first it would only stay running with your foot on the gas the next day it started and stayed running prob something to do with the computer sitting dormant aka no battery life now it runs and drives but no speedo reading any clues

The computer on my BMW 2001 5301 is bad causing cylinder #2 to malfunction . I need to buy computer program to install.

Now the display can only show mileage. In the past I can select gas consumption status and how many mileage I can do under the current gas in tank. Now such information cannot be brought up, the display is only miles done so far no matter how many times I press the knob at the tip of the left stick under the steering wheel. Can I reset the computer to make it work again? or must I bring to repair shop?

as captioned. even the speed control knob on the stick under the steering wheel is unable to alter the speed. Just....constant speed. How much will it cost to repair? anything I can do myself before sending to repair shop?

Refrigerant was added but same issue. Would it be more likely the compressor or the control panel?

One of them will roll down but not up. The other will make noise but will not roll down but it will drop down as I start to drive.I got them both back up and will not roll them down any more.

The felt from the top of the window to the bottom of the window is soaking wet.

driver side ball joint almost out or slipping out of the sway bar i think,not making any sounds or vibrations on the steering wheel. just want to know if i can still drive it or am i going to break it more by driving it

The traction light stays on all the time.

I took my car into a shop (don't know them, first time customer) just to have the summer tires put on. The mechanic called to tell me my "front, lower ball joints were worn" and asked if I'd like a quote for repair. I have noticed NOTHING to indicate that they're worn. No shimmy, no shake, no pull, the car drives straight and smooth as glass. Is this guy trying to scam me because I'm a chick??

this does not happen all the time but 2-3 times aweek. and when you hit the resume button sometimes it goes back to the setting you had it on sometimes it goes faster and the othertimes it just dose not resume. then i start it all over.