1994 5 series bmw was stuck in drive,opened console an finally got it free,
Now it won't go into any gear,lever goes 2nd through rev, not into park none of the gears will make the car move

How do get it into neutral so I cans start the car ?

just bought car exhaust was changed and resonator was removed had two mufflers installed instead.car is gutless no power could outrun with a pinto

I was told I had to put a code into the informatio
n panel locted beside the rradoi

Rear doors will not open. Front doors open fine. Rear doors act like they are locked. Can't open from interior or exterior of ca. Help!

Clutch goes all the way to the floor- Put Dot4 - but it leaks out onto ground Help!

I would liken to replace main pulley driven water coolant pump with an electric water pump. Does anyone know of a company that makes one?

Where is the water sensor? Is it facing fender or facing towards inside of vehicle? Is it on the left or right hand side?

Just replaced Feul Pump and Filters

car will start up but eventualy stall out. i bang on gas tank and then it will start.what could be the issue/

When trying to engage in REV/PRK, linage feels like it's binding, & feels like backpressure is applied. I'm currently seeking Linkage diagram for troubleshooting.

how to replace battery

I want to run codes, but can't find & the owner can't find the owners manual.