2004 BMW 330xi Questions

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when I start my car sometimes it either doesn't want to start or starts but sits at about 500rpm and if i put the pedal down it starts. anybody know why?

can you tell me where to add transmission fluid in my 2004
bmw 330xi

cv boots cracked

It says something about the temperature not being at normal

I did the oil chqnge already. How do i reset it.

is there anything else i should know before doing this?

I think it has something to do with automatic mirror adjustment but it continues when I put it in drive and until car is driven a few minutes. It can't be normal.

I was told to open the gas cap again and close it after driving for a while, which it does work after I open it and close it at least twice and the light goes on, but I don't want this to continue, do I have to buy a new gas cap or it may be something else.

lower engine air intake boots

and the price to repair it would 400.00 is that correct.
the main hose tha also keeps the cooling system?

My dealer says that my CV boot is missing on the outer side and that the inner one is split. My question is...what is the normal wear on this boot? Wouldn't there be some indication of wear BEFORE it falls off? My car had been in six months earlier and they did not report any of this. I am very skeptical since now my extended warranty is out by 2 months and I have to deal with this.

One BMW dealer shop says cv joint boots are leaking and split, need to repair immediately. A different dealer repair shop, and an independent shop say, nothing wrong. How do I tell? No shop will let me in to see the boots. Both second opinion shops say I am being ripped off by original dealer shop? What do I do?