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anyone know what most likely causes this? i need to buy parts but dont want to buy the wrong one, really need to get this fixed!
Trying to find wiring schematic for this issue. Any ideas?
we re-connected the plug next to the shifter that illuminates the shift position ie= P N D now when in park and the key removed the light will not go out.. Is it supposed to stay on or do we have a problem?
is the tbs located on the throttle body
what tools are needed and how long is job
The 2001 BMW 330XI was running and lost and power. I checked the OBD codes and it said P1083, P0171,PO174 AND PO5OO. Can you tell me what you think. I was told it may be the purge solenid valve
I am currently getting around 17miles per gallon,and cannot afford 55.00 everytime I fill up,which currently is about once a week.
how often do i need to change the oil
losing antifreeze when car is running no leaks visible or white smoke from exhaust. losing quite a bit with nothing visible. any answer would help. thanks
The belt broke off a I don't have the belt diagram and it is not on the car's hood.
Sorry, I know this is a stupid question, dumb blonde asking. Cannot figure out where to add the antifreeze and the icon is telling me I need it. Thanks for your help!
128K miles - needs both lower balljoints, sway bar link, axel boot and power steering pump -est. $1100 repairs. Just replaces front brake rotors and pads or $500 two months ago. Trying to decide if it would be worth i...