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I often see the stability control,abs and brake light on
I've already took it to custom European shop replaced hoses to secondary air pump told me it was fix then 3 days later check engine light came back on. Now that's twice already and with the charge of $320 every time I...
I have already replaced the mad,it worked but,it begun to do it again,tried cleaning it,its toast,what's the route of this eye stinging smoke,I also hooked a scanner to it,maf and 3/4misfire
Today my car jus overheated for the second time, the fist time this happened the low coolant light was apearing and then disappear from time to time, then the belt that turns the fan went dead on me and I had it repla...
While driving the coolant light lit yellow and then it was gone and there was a few engine small cut while driving and then gone again.
the service light is on in my car the code is po705. how do I fix this. where is the switch located. can I do this my self
there is water in the cooling system\ but the car is not running hot what is the cause
All of the coolant came out of the car
what are codes 1188 1189 P0173 and 0170
my cooling fan light keeps coming on and off. And sometimes the temperature hand passed normal and hit red. And now i can hear a whistling sound in the back of my car. It's scary!!! I took it in to do a full body chec...
Cooling fan isn't working. Car is not overheating I think because it's not warm enough outside. The problem started back in October and I noticed the car getting too warm and so I turned on the heater which brought th...