BMW 323i Problem Report

BMW 323i Blower Final Stage Fan Resistor May Fail

(24 reports)

The blower final stage fan resistor is known to fail. Symptoms are the heater fan speed varies regardless of the setting, the fan will not turn off when the car is switched off, or the fan will not switch on at all.

When the car is turned off you can hear the fan running and cutting off by itself. -
fan doesn't work well, and now it runs even when everything is off, causing battery to discharge -
AC fan worked intermittenly, sometimes would come on at reduced speed & sometimes won't come on at all. -
Cant control the fan blower it goes hi and then low even when I adjust it its got a mind of its own.Dealers cost lot of money to fix it, somebody can advise me please. -
My AC blower would not run consistently. The AC blower would work intermitedly... but mostly not run. The BMW dealer wanted to replace the blower at $1100. I read online about the "Final Stage Unit" being the problem. I told this to the dealer, and they did not agree. TWO years later, I decided to just replace the Final Stage Unit, and then the blower worked with out issue. -
Blower will not come on. Sometimes it works when I leave the setting on high. Sometimes it works if I turn off the car and turn it back on again. Today neither worked. -
Blows don't work at all I can turn temp up down everything but no blowers -
Blower fail to turn on. -
Fan goes on after engine is off -
It's freezing cold out and when I try to turn the heat up it doesn't blow any air at all. It works when it feels like it, I hit bump and the blower kicked on but started the car the next day and it doesn't want to blow any heat once again. I'm wondering if it is the blower motor "resistor"? -
keep changing out FSR. -
Blower stopped working competely. -
I have had this problem ever since I bought the car used, but did not know what it could be. I would like to find an inexpensive fix, if possible... -
Air conditioner stops working. Display sometimes fades away but control button lights stay on. I have had the blower motor replaced once and the ac control module replaced 7 times sometimes with oem and sometimes with aftermarket. Doesnt matter which the results are always the same. I can sometimes bang on module and it will slowly start up. I live in texas our first heat wave was in March. Help!!! -
blower fan speed varied - worked fine after Blower fan resistor repalced -
Fan speed slows and quickens - replaced blower fan resistor and it's fine now -
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