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Chrysler Town & Country Auxillary heater hose connections may develop coolant leaks

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The auxiliary heater hose connections (that are routed to the rear heater under the vehicle) can develop coolant leaks.
Leaking antifreeze cant find were it is coming from. Geussing these are it. Checking it out today. -
y in heater hose leaking. cant buy at local parts store -
Leak under near rear tire -
Noticed smoke coming out of tail pipe. Stopped vehicle only to have smoke come out from under the hood. Car was towed. Cooling system pressure test was done. It was determined that the heater hose assembly needed to be replaced. -
Coolant was running on to the floor and forward to the front passenger floor. Initially I thought it was a leak under the dash but traced it back to the rear heater core lines leaking. When I removed the right rear moulding everything was wet. I verified the leak by running the van and witnessing a leak in the lines at the press fittings. I will purchase new lines and replace them -
Auxiliary heater hose connection on the rear passenger side (near wheel) leaking coolant. No repair done yet. -
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