Volvo S60 Problem Report

Volvo S60 Automatic Transmission May Have Shifting Problems

(8 reports)

Problems have been reported with the automatic transmission. Our technicians recommend complete diagnoses before beginning any repairs.

Downshifts 2/1 are very hard and makes a "clunking" sound when slowing with a hot transmission (it's smooth when cold). Dealer and transmission specialist advised this transmission is known for sticking pistons and solenoids when hot. Only solution is trying a replacement valve body (about $2000) or a rebuilt transmission ($4000-6000). Dealer tried fluid change, software check and adaptation delete, but it only helped for a few days, then it was back to hard downshifts. -
hard shift every once in a will not fix control module for free and says vin does match the cars with problems -
trany was shifting hard down slipping at times.changed transmission test drove fine untill it warmed up then no forward all -
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