Acura TL Problem Report

Acura TL Automatic Transmission May Fail Prematurely

(7 reports)

Automatic transmission problems are common and these transmissions have high failure rates.  Acura has voluntarily extended the warranty on many of its automatic transmissions, so be sure to check with an Acura dealership to confirm warranty coverage.

Automatic Transmission May Fail Prematurely

Dealer replaced transmission at 50% of cost since it was out of warranty -
I haven't fixed it I can't afford the damn thing, Acura should replace all these garbage heaps. They knew about this in 2000 and it still happening in 2004, maybe you should look into changing your transmission to a different kind of transmission since this one doesn't seem to be working! But you know that's how it goes, because this just wouldn't be the United States of America if people were not being ripped off by corporations. -
Trans just stopped working. No indications that something was wrong! -
Transmission started slipping and then died. Dealership wants $7,200 to replace it for parts and labor! -
Suddenly would not shift to 2nd gear -
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