Automatic Transmission Issues on Acura CL

The automatic transmission tends to malfunction more often than in similar models. The Check Engine Light may or may not illuminate.

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Average mileage: 130,805 (17,000–299,350)
Drive Trains affected: Automatic Transmission, Manual Transmission
5 model years affected: 1997, 1998, 1999, 2001, more2003
49 people reported this problem
35 people shared problem details
1999 Acura CL- Automatic Transmission
My car would just revs and wont move when i have it in gear and give it gas...Only had it for about six to eight months now. does anyone know why
1999 Acura CL- Automatic Transmission238,000
trans is slipping starts to drive once it warms up hestitates and then slips. just bought it too off of Craigs list got to drive it not even a day =(. Can I have the recall cover it? If not where can I get a new transmission. Everything else other than the gages on the dash is perfect. It is a nice car just wish to get it fixed. Insurance is exspensive. Motor is very very strong
1998 Acura CL- Automatic Transmission
When on the gas its decent.. but when i take foot off pedal to coast it start to jerk and sound like it is about to fall out.
2003 Acura CL- Automatic Transmission
Trabsmission slipped, check engine light on
2001 Acura CL- Automatic Transmission188,000
Having problems jumping from second to third gear
1999 Acura CL- Automatic Transmission75,000
When shifting it will occasionally slip, the same when down shifting like the syncro is off. Acura said I need new Trans as they do not repair, $4500. I let it go still have same problem now at 124000 miles and counting
1999 Acura CL- Automatic Transmission97,000
The automatic transmission won't go into reverse...Does anyone know the cause & fix ?
1999 Acura CL- Automatic Transmission135,000
I have had similar issues, after doing some research, I believe replacing the transmission is a band aid to the problem. The problem isn't the issue, it's the solenoids that control the shifting. Replace those and you should be fine depending on the resulting damage done to the clutch and gears.
1999 Acura CL- Automatic Transmission
The car doesn't want to mpve at first it stays stagmented for a few seconds then jerks really fast and hard once you past the second gear it rides smooth no more jerking and no more hesitation.
2003 Acura CL- Automatic Transmission150,000
transmission started slipping, revving up by itself and jerking on downgrades. Stopped to check tranny fluid, seemed OK. I made it home, thought it was going to be alright, but the next morning proved that wrong. As I got on the highway, problems showed up again. 40mph max speed slowly losing ability to go that fast. Pulled over, put it in park and heard a slight crunch. I had it towed to local aamco transmissions, which had just went out of business... Trailered it home where it sadly sits in garage now.
1999 Acura CL- Automatic Transmission130,000
Check light engine on and off at random time
1999 Acura CL- Automatic Transmission146,000
evey gear shifts hard, just bad trannys and ignition switches is what i have researched like all of them. feels like transmission will fail soon and its twice as much what i bought the car for
2003 Acura CL- Automatic Transmission59,000
The car is still not fixed. I took it to the dealer for 60K major service. Had the service done earlier. I told them that the transmission was slipping and had issues. They serviced the car and mentioned that nothing was wrong with the transmission. Now the car has major issues with transmission and is almost not drivable. My warranty expired but Acura never communicated to me about the transmission issues. I only drive the car once a week to make sure the engine, battery, etc. are in good shape. The car is in mint condition and now is useless.
2001 Acura CL- Automatic Transmission106,000
Tranmission broke at 60k and it was re-built
2001 Acura CL- Automatic Transmission55,000
Slipping 2nd and hunting for 3rd.
2003 Acura CL- Automatic Transmission158,000
Transmission would slip and car would jerk and shudder back and forth sporadically. Dealer quoted me a new transmission, about $4500. I opted to get the transmission rebuilt for about $1200 at Cottman Transmission. Have driven the car for another year now, and the car is at 171,500 miles and I haven't had any problems!
1997 Acura CL- Automatic Transmission163,367
It does not want to shift easy from first to second . It water till around 3000 to 3500 rpms to shift I get a Trans sensor code is it a defect
1997 Acura CL- Automatic Transmission114,000
I got on the freeway and the car jerked once and carried on like it was nothing, a few miles later I noticed the car wasn't going any faster and the engine would just rev, I pulled off the freeway and the car wouldn't move foward, it only drives in reverse, I changed my fluid and cv axles. (worn out) After changing the axles, the car did drive up my quldesac and then stopped working again. Now it just sits on my driveway. I've had it for a year.
1997 Acura CL- Automatic Transmission
Slips and won't go into gear
1997 Acura CL- Automatic Transmission146,998
Is making a weird buzz sound and takes a min to go in to drive 4 and sometime won't even go into gear.
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