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If the rear tire is .2 inches different than the front is that ok on a Quatro?
if its wet outside when i start up car a loud beeping sound begins which resets then goes off again in this pattern for about 10 minutes
Some time ago (3 months), my drivers window stopped going down automatically, when I just hit the button (it will go down if I hold the button down). And then, suddenly one day it did, and then a couple of weeks later...
Hi; what is the procedure to remove and replace spark plugs ? is there a special tool, my E MAIL is; QUIROZRAUL@ROCKETMAIL.COM Thank You.
Firstly – the switches for the, boot open, petrol cap open, and the internal alarm, stopped working. Then the stereo stopped producing sound (but still works ok as it was tested in another car) Then I put the car ...