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three weeks ago, my timing belt,water pump,passenger side valve cover gasket and my alternator was changed. On Wednesday the dealer will be replacing my driver side valve cover gasket and repair my passenger side CV j...
i checked the light and is says torque convertor, it drives just fine dont slip or anything. what could be the problem??
It runs fine. It has 77000 miles
I was driving on the highway today and lost power steering and the battery light came on. The voltage gauge dropped to 11V from 14V. The engine kept driving fine, despite the loss of power steering. I've been rea...
where is the starter in my 2001 s4 audi located and how do i remove it
why will my s4 for turn over but not start?
my s4 will turnover but it wont start its been fine until this happened why is this happening?
both turbochargers leaking oil at joints. both need replaced. what is the price range?
When the car starts moving from a stop, and especially when coming to a complete stop, there is a rumbling/shuddering noise that comes from the rear wheels/suspension. This only occurs at low speeds coming to a stop, ...