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Have lost all running lights, but flashers, brakes, back up all work fine. Also lost "lights on" alarm, so assume control module. No current to fuses.
When I press the CHECK button and it runs thru its' routine, highlights "Rear Lights" as problem. Changed fuses which looked "scarred" but still no rear or side running lights?? Car has 79,000 miles, and plugs oil wer...
Just started a week ago, live in FL and when I turn hard left\right water leaks onto feet. Thank you kindly
water comes out of the air conditioner ducts in the dash and rear of center console
when replacing the timing belt, what other parts are being removed that would be beneficial to replace at the same time. No need to chance other parts which might need replacing failing a short time later when you can...
after it rains the air conditioner will spit water (Front and Bank) in to call through vents and when the car is turning water will spill on floor from dash Board dront