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mechanic says $ 3100.
The car has been leaking oil ever since we had it changed. I know that in some cars the plug has a compression seal that's a one time use. Is this the case with the Audi?
1997-1999 audi a8 quattro 4.2 iat sensor ecu
Filter is in a permanent housing; not a removable canister. Cap that secures and seals filter in place does not have enough clearance to get past alternator to allow removal of filter.
Can not get anything to blow out of the vent's, It sounds like it's on but nothing comes out
Do you put the refrigerant on the high side or low side. Or can you provide a diagram? Thanks
feels is shifting between gears
When I drive 55-60, the steering wheel shakes..not too terribly, but enough to bug me. I got my 2 front tires replaced today (with balance), and it still does it. 2. When i stopped driving and looked under car, I s...
tryig to replace lower control arm on audi ab quratto