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no clicking, no lights, nothing. any ideas?
it is a P reg a8 quattro 4.2 V8 with a 4 speed auto. any help would be appriciated.
occasionally its fine. now it will hardly stay running. acts like its not getting gas ??? help!!!!
passenger side on a 1997 Audi A8 quattro, Do you have to replace the Harmonic Balancer. And when removing the center crank bolt, should it be replaced with a new one. And if not properly torque to factory spec. 285lbs...
My 1997 Audi Quattro went into "safe mode" with all the gears selected and lit up in red on the dash that normally indicates what gear the car is in? No power, but driveable?
After heavy rain or car wash.. on acceleration water POURS through heat/AC vent inot footwells in the rear. This is not "drops like from the evap drains up front. WAVES of water.
car is in failsafe mode
i replaced my front & back rotors,break light still stay on.
car ran fine then check engine light came on .then the car went into fail safe mode[when put into gear all gear selector lights illuminate]if i move it it runs like in low gear
does the picture on the message board with a thermometer in water mean thermostat problems?
my car horn and steeringwheel functions doees not work
Does a 1997 a8L exist?
what is the proper oil to use?
Hello My adjustable steering column will go up and down but will not got forward and back...(telescope) can anyone help with this? thanks
Please in need of service tech that is qaulified to work on my 97 audi a8 qauttro