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When driving and take sharp turn rear drivers side sways
And when i get car to restart, the idle revs. Any ideas? Also, where can I find a list of recall info. for my vehicle? Thank you.
Where are the relays in the 2006 Audi A6 located?
What components are effected if the electronic power control light comes on and components causes the light to come on
My car was diagnosed with a bad brake switch the car drive anyway and then had an accident not related at all.. but the damage was to the under carriage oil pan area and since then my shifter will not move from park w...
The lights come on intermitantly. Fuses have been replaced and contacts (fuse box and fuses) cleaned.
The volt meter is reading almost to the high red range.
it starts to over heat white smoke from hood and tank broiling
it starts to over heat white smoke from hood and tank broiling
The battery is ok but engine won't fire.
The EPC and battery icons come on. The battery is fully charged. The starter turns over but the engine won't fire.
Hubby says I need to find liquid gasket and oil plug to complete repair - any ideas where to find online? APW has the tray but not the gasket or oil plug.
I have been told I need to replace ALL the control Arms for $1600 - there is no uneven tire wear / pulling to one side - not riding smoothly
Miss fire# 2