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I think some oil is leaking into radiator. What would caused it? How big of job is it to fix it?
when I am driving my car and pass some bums on the street my car moves like a low rider.
the light EPC IS ON ????????
I've checked the fuse, etc. It's just really soft and I can barely hear it when I press the horn button.
Am about to start on a major project (replacing turbos, timing belt, figure out torque converter problem) on my 2003 A6 2.7tt Quattro. Has been sitting idle for almost a year and battery was dead. Just installed new ...
just had the water pump sensors replace and timing bebt replace
What do I need to do to replace the entire GAS TANK? Per audi dealership the leak had nothing to do with recall?? They sd the gas tank needs to be replaced and they want me to cough up $3700.00...I paid only $2000.00 ...
How do I reset the "service!" reminder when it has been serviced? Also, how do I change readings from celcius to farenheit?
my check engine light came on and I was told by a service machinic that it has to do with the cat not warmming up what do I need to do next.
where are the vacuumhoses located? must replace/leaking
Warning light w/dealer stating the CAT converter ($1400)replacement. Both brakes done & shop says both sensors bad($750)Help?