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Also 300 n 301n 302 which is the O2 sensors are reading too lean. I just replaced the fuel filter that was factory.
car jump time and bent valves when we tried to start it after we installed auxilerly water pump. what could cause the timeing to jump, timing belt and gears perfect condition (new last year)
my audi was running just fine and i was out of town for the week end and i went to drive it and it wouldnt start it makes 2 very low clicking noises and i go to start it and the engine turns but dont start i checked f...
my 99 Audi a6 Quattro Avant overheats and when I turn on heat blower temperature gauge go back close to normal.
My mechanic can not figure it out.My car looses power. I need help.
I am wondering if this is the part we need, the transmission doesn't go into overdrive the gear lights are all light up. and it slowly shifts into gear at the onset of start up.
The car will not move until the light on the gearshift goes out and sometimes you have to wait and the car will go into gear slowly and then move better after it gets going
We just purchased this 2000 Audi A6 - the seats are very hard leather. We have used Saddle soap and leather softener and it did seem to make any difference.
I am told that the timing belt is not a chain and needs to be replaced at 90K miles. Serious damage occurs to the values if the belt breaks. How likely is the belt to break?
compressor does not start. fuses are ok. pls help.
the car shifts fine but ssometime when your in reverse and you give it power it stops working. we just bought the car and noticed it.
first starting the transmission shifts smooth and drives great. After some driving it quits moving. it will not work in any gear. this is an automatic trans. Could this be torque converter. replaced filter, sensor.
Car just would not start...Battery is fully charged, I replaced spark plugs. How do I know if there is power coming to the plugs to begin with?