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JUST bought 99 A6 quattro, non turbo, with 180k miles, was in good shape except the solid ABS light, blinking brake light and the typical oil leaks. Here's my question..Had a recent snow/ice storm, slid into a guard r...
My inner lights, windows won't go up or done and sunroof don't work. I checked all my fuses, I don't know what it is, what could be wrong with it how do I check it and how much will it costs to get it fixed?
my car overheats after 10 minutes whether idling or driving. this all started after a flood 2 months ago, overheated once then and then; first drive after car finally restarted. last week it started overheating every...
When I step on the brake the drivers side does not work. There is no voltage at the plug and the fuse is good. Does anyone know what the problem could be.
we have already re placed the blower motor and the blower motor resistor
then we changed the blower motor. did not help. could the regulator be bad again sincw we did not change them both at the same time
3 trouble codes P0432 main catalyst efficiency below threshold(bank2) P0153 02 sensor circuit slow response (bank 2 sensor 1) P0411 secondary air injection system N there's a exhaust smell I just put n the shop...
I installed new hazard/turn switch sill no change. this is first time this has happened. Had to pull the switch to from draining the battery, can drive the car but without turn signals not good idea.
its not the breaks cause I jacked up car and can move rear tires freely
Daughter recently bought a used audi a6 quattro-283,000 miles. My husband says that the transmission "feels wrong" when accelerating immediately after taking it out of park. Could it be low on tranny fluid? Should we ...
I have to codes they are P0140 and P0411 the car misses when in gear and at a stop I replaced the air filter and plugs it helped alittle but miss is still there
my car has 2 codes they are P0140 and P0411 the car misses when in gear and at a stop I replaced air filter and plugs problem went away for a brief time now its back