I was told the timing belt could be the cause or the spark. the Previous owner said the engine went out while it was running. I need to know the steps to fixing it and if it will be an easy process or too expensive.

My car constantly jerks and will not accelerate past 20 mph

I have a wagon with a damaged door & hinge, not sure if the same hinge will fit from a sedan.

Sounds like its trying to turn on but just wont

Will a Multiple Purpose Switch work?

JUST bought 99 A6 quattro, non turbo, with 180k miles, was in good shape except the solid ABS light, blinking brake light and the typical oil leaks. Here's my question..Had a recent snow/ice storm, slid into a guard rail almost head on, roughly 15mph..hit passenger side front bumper..broke neck off top right of radiator....ok, so radiator is $130..no biggie...labor another story, and is it really a simple swap of radiator, or do you have to do a bunch of other stuff, with AC compressor and such to pit a New one in? Im asking, because I'm a single mom, this is my first German vehicle...other than flipping a porsche 944....how much can I expect this to cost to repair? Im considering selling as a mechanic special, but don't want to get lowballed because I'm female and presumably incompetent about cars,though Im not...any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I just need a running vehicle that wont be a money pit..happy to send photos of damage... also, other than no ABS,which of course proved detrimental in this situation...is it bad to drive it with the ABS module needing repairs?

Thanks in Advance!!

My inner lights, windows won't go up or done and sunroof don't work. I checked all my fuses, I don't know what it is, what could be wrong with it how do I check it and how much will it costs to get it fixed?

my car overheats after 10 minutes whether idling or driving.
this all started after a flood 2 months ago, overheated once then and then; first drive after car finally restarted. last week it started overheating every time I try to drive it.
engine light come on and codes read (1)bad catalytic converter bank 2 below threshold and (2) cylinder 1 misfire

When I step on the brake the drivers side does not work. There is no voltage at the plug and the fuse is good. Does anyone know what the problem could be.

we have already re placed the blower motor and the blower motor resistor

then we changed the blower motor.
did not help.
could the regulator be bad again sincw we did not change them both at the same time

3 trouble codes
P0432 main catalyst efficiency below threshold(bank2)
P0153 02 sensor circuit slow response (bank 2 sensor 1)
P0411 secondary air injection system
N there's a exhaust smell
I just put n the shop because the heater hose from the engine to the heat bust off at my kids school n my oil pan has a hole n it I'm replacing that now does that have anything to do with it or do I need to replace something else n whats the cheapest way I just spent 700 for that