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I have had both replaced car in shop now for 2 months and they are now getting some kind of water reading while testing??
Trans., very slow & kind of dragging before going into the 2nd. gear on Drive ? Once it goes in the 2nd. gear seems to smooth out.
I want to remove the thermostat. do I have to take the engine apart?
i just change tranny and a try to drive car but is going into a limp mode car stuct i 3 gear..but when a stop car and turn off engine a start again it going till 3 gear and stuct again..check engine light is on a give...
Steering shudders, feels as the wheels are about to disconnect from the front when travelling above 50mph
The gears engage and all work, there is only a grinding noise with the first gear and all the other gears are normal.
I just purchased car recently, its been sitting since 09. I had the car running, once i shut off now i cant even get the starter or engine to turn over. any helpful ideas to try would be greatly appreciated.
Checked all fuses, replaced lights still nothing happens. My reverse and running night light on the tail lights still work it just the brake and license plate lights?
the engine acts like it is getting no gas. Is there a reset button for the anti theft?
My output shaft is leaking. Rear differential output shaft BOTH left and right leaking. Reseal of Vanos Valve??