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car drag as i pick up speed and the rotor on the front driver side turns red hot
drove into town heater worked fine, on the way back home it put out very little warm air, all the heater controls work fine but very little heat
what is repair code 1626 1606 where is it and how do we repair them?
2000 audi a6 quattro 2.7 repair codes 1606 1626 came up how do you repair them??
where is dipstick to check transaxle oil? will engine stop if oil gets to low. Not siezed but shut down if oil low?
The problem is that I lost my only key. took the door panels off looking for a key number - none, then took the whole lock to a locksmith and not much help there. any ideas?
to intalled the timing belt what kind the tools i need to use and where to find
When I run the A/C, water is collecting in the passenger floor and somewhat on the driver side. Also, when I slow to make a turn(especially a right hand turn), the a/c fan makes a squealing noise, and the vents are bl...
I have a 1996 audi a6 quattro. My car guy plugs his scanner in (its the real scanner not the hand held). Once the car warms up it gets a false code (something different every time) Then it shuts down the scanner and w...
How difficult and what is the procedure to replace the A/C temperature regulated flap motor. Ditto for the A/C compressor.
Can someone please tell me the location of Emergency Flasher Relay and Location of the Turn Signal Relay for Audi A6 1996 Quattro? Thank you.
auto zone does not have the free manual your ad suggests, therefore, are there wirewall mounts inside the car i can't see preventing the removal of the heater core cover?all visible connections and components are undo...
why is the heater core assy not coming off? are there bolts inside the car holding the unit on? i want to replace the heater core only