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and the coolant light stays on , is there a code or fuse I need to replace, reset and where is this? thank you
The garage can't be sure until they take the gear box out but this is expensive.Also many local dealers don't want to touch it.
The manual says there is supposed to be a control at the end of the windshield wiper control arm to change the computer to see average mpg. My car has no such control. How can I view the average mpg on this car?
06 A6 Sedan 3.2Ltr front wheel drive; I need to find the J757 engine compartment power supply relay. Can anyone help me? Email me at ebowen69@eastex.net please!
Car won't start, no click or anything. Lights, radio, locking/unlocking, instrument panel, and windows all work when key is on. Battery checked and has full power. Tried both sets of keys. Seems like the key is not r...
During warm weather I receive cold and hot air from vents when the auto temperature control is calling for cooling. The hot air can come from the side or center vents while the cooling is mostly from the center. I a...