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How much will it cost to replace my alternator, parts and service
i had the valves replaced on this car and the machinist returned them without the cams installed. how do you tell which is what a
I need to know if there is another way to change the fuel pump with out dropping the tank. It seems like alot of work just to drop the tank. Im hoping someone has figured out an easier way than having to take the car ...
Re-wire roter, re-fit altenator, start up, 15min alernator not charging again!! What could the problem be my friend??????
everytime i slow down or apply brakes to stop my vehicle the rpm dies down abruptly when it reaches 1000rpm and then goes back up and idle normally at 800rpm.....changed plugs.....throttle body....mass flow sensor.......
The instrument panel shows the door is open when it is closed intermittantly. Where is this switch?
Hi, I have 100k on the clock and the car works fabulously. It does however emits rather thick white smoke from the tail pipe almost all the time. Whether it is cold or hot. The cooling liquid does not seem to be dropp...