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Hi guys,I'm a newbie so please advise if I'm not doing this right. My baby is an old 1999 2.4 a6. On starting from cold she's perfect, then 5 min later, the rev counter stops,the oil light and warning light flashes ...
just crank but do not start by the way we got almost 0 degrees temperature ,gas ok the battery is 2year use
where is the fuel filter on my 1999 audi a6 2.3l v6 and how do i change it
I inherited this auto and it had overheated and it has been sitting for about 1 year. I am going to take it in and how will we know if it is just the head or if a new engine will be required? I know that they need t...
can you replce the catalytic converters easily? i have an estimate for $2100 to replace both and can't spend that much
i want to buy an 1999 audi a6 but the owner says their is a problem with the shift linkage and i wanted to know how much or is it worth being fixed?