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Sometimes when I lock with fob it locks but no beep sounds. Then when I unlock the passenger door won't unlock. Or all will unlock but driver side. It's very random. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't. What is th...
Began suddenly after getting on highway. Then continued on the drive home with acceleration. I've read it could be the speed sensor. If so how much might this cost to fix?
I am replacing brake pads and rotors. Thought the pads came with the sensor(s) and need to know if I should order one sensor or two.
According to the dealership the front brake pads are completely worn. They want to replace the rotors at the same time. This seems excessive, particularly given the low mileage.
What is the costs torepair a cuputer in the Audi -A4
I have a strange circular clip retaining the base metal of the existing lamp bulb. Not like all the other spring clamps of past. How do I get the thing off and on so I can change out headlamp bulbs?
The 2nd day I owned the car, the epc warning flashed along with the engine speed limitation. The next day it was the battery in remote control key. The warnings are coming on during regular driving. The dealer said...
Where is the oil dip stick located in engine compartment? I looked at the manual & it is not where it shows it to be.
front passanger auto adjusting headrest needs to be removed on my 2009 A4 Quatro. How does the headrest release for removal
How do you change the oil filter on this vehicle? Where is it located on the engine? It is a turbo if that makes a difference.