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Throwing codes. P0442, p2293 and p0455. RPM fluctuate at 2000. And car kinda surges after 45 50 miles an hour it doesn't anymore.
After the engine warms up the squeak stops. I have changed the serpentine belt, tensioner and idler pulleys and still notice it. I spoke with an owner of a 2008 A4 Quattro and he has the same problem. Is the a know...
My EPC light goes off and on. Getting progressively worse, goes into limp mode, hard to start and runs rough until the engine warms up. any ideas?
My car has been hesitating when I hit the excelerater from a stop. The check engine light just came on so I had the diagnostics run. There were 9 problems, but mainly that all four cyl's had a vacuum leak on the engin...
I was told by someone that I have a timing belt but then I was also told to look into if I have a timing chain. Can anyone help me out on what my car should have? I have 110,000 miles and dont want to take any chances...
I have check engine light on,the I run scan showing Massage Idle Air Control System RPM Higher than expected.how do I go about this issue. Thanks
when to change spark plugs
Car was in storage 6 wks., ran fine at first then 2 days later had trouble starting and ac wouldn't come on, had to push to get started.
Idles rough when stopped - fine when moving. Has 58000 miles and all previous services completed. - Check engine light also is on. Need oil change ?