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I have a 2006 Audi A4 2.0 t and for some reason the turbo does not work. It also has a sudden lag while driving and does not go past 80 mph. Any ideas what's wrong with it?
I smell burning oil after driving my car. Smoke comes from under the hood. Standing in front of the motor, I can see smoke coming from behind the left side of the motor.
Driving the a4 audi while there is a leak from the driver side
My valve cover is wet/damp around the edge. But my head doesn't have any wet spots on it.
the car took a shotgun blast through the front of the car
the location of it is underneath the coolant and i accidentally broke the connector when i was trying to replace it
2004 audi a4 6 speed awd quattro replacing cylender and master slave cenlender ??? what to do ? cost? trouble shooting???
I was driving went to open her up and my clutch jus stuck to the floor had to get it towed home wouldnt go into any gear.. Now its in yard it turns on but clutch stays on floor no tention at all stays on floor unless ...
I had a timing belt service where the mechanic broke the plugs taking them out (common) and replaced them holed but sealed and retained by resin. I only found out 14k miles later at different garage doing gaskets, fou...
It's starting to slip. Almost like it's disengaging.
There's plenty of fluid in it. When it's warm outside there's no problem.