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Replaced neutral safety switch, but does not register on the dash any gears. I put in neutral again and starts
I replaced the abs module and the abs light went away but its still flashing the brake light constantly, the brake fluid is full......
Only causes the battery light to go out...battery is good
just curious if my 1999 a4 is HID bulb compatabile or hallogen only.thanks in advance for any help given.
we just had 4 new tires put on and had the shop go ahead and do a 4 wheel alignment to prevent premature wear on a brand new set of tires!!unfortately they found that the uppr control arms were loose,to the point they...
im almost certian the central lock pump is trashed(through research on this site)so i need any information on if and how i can open the trunk lid to access the part to know for sure,i cant find any button in the dash ...
the central locking pump prevents the trunk from opening so how can i access this part for replacement
did some research found there is a graphite disk located somwhere in the trunk area how can i repair/replace it
the head lights and turn signals are not working I check all the fuses they seem fine
the wipers and turn signals wont work just wondering if it could be the relays
On the 22nd I was driving my car and everything was working fine. Next day on the 23rd on my way to work my car started over heating and my heater wasn't working, it was throwing out cold air. The same day on the way ...
There is where the mileage reads, it says service then oil. It goes on when I start the car ,then goes off after it runs for about a minute. Checked oil , everything is fine.