all lights works radio but vehicle will not turn over

It doesn't look like a standard bolt that I can just remove from my seat tracks. What tool do I need to remove these bolts? I really want to vacuum and shampoo the carpet under my car seats.

I have a rare color of Pearlesence on my Audi, and my car is a bit older. Can I find a matching touch-up paint online, or so I have to go the local Audi dealership to order it?

My car has no pickup, and the acceleration is poor. I also don't hear my turbo whistling or spinning like on other cars.

I need a torque converter for my 98 a4 with a 1.8t and I found one that was labeled for 2.8, is the torque converter the same spec for both?

Never used the back wiper on Avant Wagon. Grandchildren turned it on somewhere in car. No info in Owners Manual on it. Even my factory-trained mechanic husband (retired) couldnt figure it out. :)

I changed the timing belt, heads, and head gaskets. The car starts up and runs, but now its acting like the transmission is slipping. I've never had any problems with the transmission in the past, and no fluid leaked while working on my car.

How much does it cost to update airbags?

rough starting, temperature gauge goes to half way and stays. today it took a lot of cranking to start

cars been wreaked in front end any common problems regarding p1338?

a dont now what more to do

My signal lights and now my emergency flashers have quit. I had all the fuses checked and they're ok. I called the Audi dealer and they told me the flasher module was behind the red triangle on the dash. I asked if I needed to take the dash apart to get at the plug in module and they said no. I understand that it is a 20 minute job so how do I do this?