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When it takes off it's fine,but when the rpm's are up to the point to shift, it doesn't shift to the next gear.
My car is automatic transmission. I put it in drive,but it won't shift to the next gear.
Limited heat, must set Control Head setting to 85F, HI or defrost to get limited heat output; New water pump last year, new reservoir as well, AC control head rebuilt and perfect; fan controls working properly; attemp...
The blower works with direct voltage, the control panal display is intermitant. and now my head lites dont work but with direct voltage they do.
my car is a audi a4 quattro 1996 do i need electronic sensor breaks or regular?
I put in the water pump and thermal stay. Wut else?
I put a new water pump, thermal stay, wut else can it be?
have replaced cluster checked fuses im lost
My ABS lights and the Brake lights are on. I bleed the brake line and they are still on. Does this have anything to do with the ABS motor? Does anyone have any information about this.
I put a new power steering rack in and have bled the system but continue to have air trapped. It seems to be getting worse any suggestions?
I got the plug out of the transmission,cant seem to find out what weight of gear lub to put in it ?
Blew the front transmission seal on my Audi,does anyone have any idea how much to fix it.I see prices on the seal but not the maintence.Thank you
Could someone help me w/ some instructions on accessing the blower motor in my 96' Audi A4? The farthest I have gotten was taking off the end cap. Ive looked in the manual but they do not have the instructions for the...