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Audi a4 sport 04 had bought car then 30 miles down Rd power just went what's the cause and how much to fix is this fixable
My car failed Smog inspection for small leak in EVAP system and system too lean bank 1, OBD2 code P0171!Please send response to e-mail address loyalt@wwdb.org, thanks!
What is the type and size of the bolt that holds the crank position/speed sensor in place?
car was knoking.put it on machine it read some thing was rong with tentinoer i took cover off it ,timing belt and tensionner was lose
the sound is just when i brake either hard or smooth. When is really smooth it does not sound. However the sound is quite loud
I need to check my transmission fluid to see if I need some.
this is the error i have at the tester check ,and the question is if i can replace this senzor or i have to replace entire EGR or EGR valve ?
climate control set to 80, as engine warms up fan comes on and increases as engine gets hot, ice cold comes out, no heat. last year audi in warick RI replaced radiator to fix this problem. been working fine till las...
and the light is blinking. It stops for a while and come back on. What might be the cause?
Job 1: Replace engine coolant thermostat and temperature sensor $914.00 plus tax (My dash temperature gauge fluctuates from cold to middle of gauge during drive. This is the reason I took it in for diagnosis) Job 2...
The dealer tells me there are no leaks. The gaskets are good. The service manager says the oil could be getting burned through the turbo. Any ideas?
When the steering wheel is straight, the care sways slightly to the left, and when i let go of the steering, it sways to the right and the front tires got badly worn on the inside I checked my allignment and change...
I have a leaf spot on the passenger side of on the rear top cover. The top is not working. It will sork but not completely. Can the hydrolic be refilled or just replaced.