2000 Audi A4 Questions

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Wheather the engine are hot or cold it makes a load grinding sound

can you advice what i can do as it is stuck in my garae thank you re forty1947

Blows ac fuse even when all fans , compressor, controll unit unplugged.

I cant make any adjustments to temp.temp is "stuck" on 73 degrees. Can't adjust fans, temp control. Can't engage the defrosters, etc. What does it sound like? Thanks

the speedometer shoots form 0 mph to the speed that I'm currently going. it does this none stop. sometimes it just stays at 0 mph. my gas gauge does the same thing. what can cause this?

cost to replace valve cover/CAM adjuster gaskets

I have an Audi A4 that ticks over ok when engine started but when slowing down to turn corners or coming to a halt loses power and cuts out. Drives fine as you are going up the gears and driving along but cuts out when you stop. Indicators are also erratic whilst driving but work when stationary. Please help!