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Why turn on the light of the oil when it accelerated to 2000 rpm in my 1999 Audi A4 2.8
I dont understand everything sound onto accelerate after 2000 rpm
When this first happened the codes that came up were P0300, P0301, P0303, P0304 and P0116. These codes cleared after read. Replaced coils 2 & 3 but the car still misfires and stalls. It idles fine. There is no loca...
I will like you to do full service to my car but the problem i am in zambia how can you do it ?
one day i discontect the battery and put it back it is failling to respond it is behaving as it is misfaring and loss of power,again i tierd to change the plugs super 3 it fails i put it back the original but still th...
The factory alarm keeps going off on my audi a4 especially when it gets above 100 degrees outside. What could be causing this?
when i push it in it just seems to stop doesnt go any futher they are the exact same is there something i am not doing for this to happen
when driving for about 5km it show oil light warning and engine makes some noise
How much to repair a blown head gasket?
My audi is burning oil very fast and it smells like burnt oil in the cab when i drive. To the best of my knowledge and research this sounds like a leaky valve cover gasket. I am burning at least 2 quarts of oil a mont...
When trying to open the hood, the release under the dash works but the release lever in the grill does not allow me to lift the hood. I believe this is just a mechanical lever. Anyone have a trick on getting the rele...
how can I get stripped plastic slave cylinder bleed screw lose to take out of slave cylinder so I can replace it without destroying slave cylinder itself and bleed my slave cylinder so clutch will engage
i changed the MAF sensor on my 1999 audi a4 but my car keeps ideling and stays between 1000-2000 rpm what do i do what can it be?