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Car will not go over 20. Car sat for a month and had to be jumped. Never surged until then.
why when i put key in ignition lock i get all the lights and everything but cant start engine?there is no respond at all.nothing starter dont react.have push car and it start i can drive but if i turn it off i cant st...
starter turns but don't want to start ,but when u push start it ,it stars.this happens 3 to 4 times a week
it happens when i turn sharply into a parking bay or turn. this is after i have driven it for a while and it is warmed up.it totally cuts out.
the car jerks when you start the car and wen u start to drive it, it doesnt go in the right gear
I can not get the hood of the car to open. The lever inside pops the hood but the front latch doesn't seem to be releasing. I would hate to pull too hard and break it. Any suggestions?
1998 Audi A4 2.8 looking for an estimate on cost to have timing belt,water pump, front engine seals, drive belt, idlers, and tensioners replaced.
happening most of the time at present when warm
Help i have a loud banging noise coming from the engine when i turn left
how to replace a turn signal relay