Chrysler Town & Country Problem Report

Chrysler Town & Country Failure of rear evaporator

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Same problem - rear evaporator leaking - I was just quoted $755 to fix -
rear evaporator has corroded and needs to be replaced. Apparently this is a common problem with Chrylsler minivans. -
2008 van hissing and blowing warm air. Took it to a shop and they said it was the rear evaporator system. Going to cost me $1000 to fix. Leaving for Florida so have to get it fixed. Really not happy that it is costing so much. -
rear evaporator and extension tubes -
rear evaporator corroded and leaked. Replaced-$900 -
I just purchased this van in January from a dealership and noticed this summer that the air conditioner was not working. Had it looked at and they said the rear evaporator was bad. I was quoted $900 from one place and $700 from another place. -
Rear air conditioner blows hot air ! -
I have a VW Routan (same car) with cracked rube near back coil -
I took the minivan to dealership for 5-yr powertrain checkup and upon leaving I heard a hissing. It was May and only 60 degrees out so I didn't need ac. A few weeks later, it finally hit 80 and turned on ac and it just blew hot air. I tried to explain to dealership that it happened while in their shop, that it had worked fine on a trip to VA the week before, but was told it was just a coincidence. $1000 later it works, but I'm not happy. -
Rear AC Evaporator Leak. Evaporator needs replaced -
Rear evaporator needs to be replaced... Major expense. -
I have had the Van for 2 months. The A/C was hissing and then blowing warm air. Lucky still have the manufactures warrenty and I am told the rear evaporater needs to be replaced. I am still waiting for this part to arrive so far 1 week has passed and it will be July this week. I need this fixed asap. -
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