Chrysler New Yorker Problem Report

Chrysler New Yorker Anti-lock warning light on

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The anti-lock brake (ABS) warning light may illuminate. This condition may be caused by a faulty electrical connection at the ABS system and/or warning light relays. Our technicians tell us there is a revised wiring jumper harness available to correct this concern.

ABS light has been on for some time. Mechanic diagnosed that ABS system Failed & need to be replaced. $1200 for Parts Plus Labor to re program PCM is more than I can afford. The car runs ok & Stops ok. Just no ABS. This was a Recall by Chrysler but being a Second Owner. They won't fix it. I still have power Brakes no ABS. This may also be related to Other repairs I have done due to Electrical Problems. It is the Security System that is telling the PCM that the car is stolen? So may need to reset Security. Cycle key in Drivers & or Passenger door 3 times to tell Security that Car is OK & shut down Security System. -
This there a jumper harness for a 95 Where can I get one . -
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