Plymouth Voyager Problem Report

Plymouth Voyager AirBag Light Due to Failed Clockspring

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Illuminated of the airbag warning light may be caused by a lost connection between the clockspring (behind the steering wheel) and the steering wheel-mounted electrical components. Other steering wheel-mounted controls like the horn, speed (cruise) control, or radio controls (if equipped) may be inoperative. There is a lifetime warranty on the clockspring as specified in a combination of recall campaigns. For more information on these recalls please us the following links; 1996-1998 models, please click here». For 1998-2000 models, please click here»

air bag light, no cruise, no horn -
AirBag light on. Also have fluttering on the speedometer and odometer. Between the three, it is draining the battery and it will not hold a charge. It is a new battery so it is not the battery. The car was my aunts and has had minimal use until 2013. -
What problems haven't I had with this vehicle? I could just click the "me too" button for everything on this site honestly. Biggest POS I have ever purchased! New tranny, new computer, new window mech, new water pump, new timimg belt and tensioner, along will various other belts. Still has a miss, engine revs and surges for no reason, dash flashes like it's possessed. FOREIGN MOTOR! Mitzubishi to be exact. Going back to my beloved FORD!!! -
air bag light stays on, no horn, no cruise. -
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