Accelerator Position Switch May Fail and Cause Sluggish Acceleration on Kia Amanti

The accelerator position switch may fail intermittently resulting in sluggish acceleration or lack of power.

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Average mileage: 98,901 (11,200–288,000)
Engine affected: 3.5L V6
5 model years affected: 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, more2009
66 people reported this problem
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It has never been fixed. Car wont accelerate when the weather is hot over 85 degrees . It has done this for last 3 years. Have had in and out of dealer and they can't get it to do the problem!!! this is an ongoing problem for the last 3 years every summer only on hot days. Last week drove about 22 miles nothing happened drove home after shopping for 1 hour left to come home and took over 1 1/2 hours to go 22 miles car wont accelerate. Stop let sit 15 to 20 minutes then can go again for few miles then it does it over and over again. Drove today 75 miles one way no problem. Let car cool 30 minutes headed home and went about 30 minutes car would not accelerate again died. Let car set for 30 minutes drove again in stop and go traffic and it went about 2o miles happened again and again at least 6 more times before making it home. Quite tired of this worth less car.
2004 Kia Amanti - 3.5L V6 120,000 mi,
Same as others. During cold temps, car will idle, accelerate, and generally be dangerous. Sometimes, get stuck at 2000 rpm. Then, pressing the brake will kill engine. Happens during cold weather predictably. Sucks.
2004 Kia Amanti - 3.5L V6 61,000 mi,
car would not accelerate it would just get stuck at about 2000 RPMS
2005 Kia Amanti - 3.5L V6 125,000 mi,
same as everyone else. Car drops to idle and no throttle control. Car wont do over 10 mph. let it sit and it will start and drive fine. But keeps doing it. dangerous as heck. Scared to keep driving it.
2005 Kia Amanti - 3.5L V6 80,000 mi,
sluggish, sometimes cuts off. no rpm movement
2004 Kia Amanti - 3.5L V6 109,000 mi,
Kia 2007 rio car will not accelerate
I have had the same problem as the others and have forked over thousands of dollars in repairs. KIA kept telling me it was one thing and charging me to fix it, only to have the same problem occur. They play ignorant when I addresses others experiencing the same. Took my money and could really care less. This is a dangerous problem that can result in a serious accident and all they care about is getting their money. I will never purchase a KIA product again. Unfortunately, since I have poured so much money into the car I am stuck with it until I can save enough to to purchase a new one. One tip, disconnect the battery and re-connect and I am able to drive 50 miles or so. Though, when the temperatures rise this happens more often. ADVICE TO OTHERS NEVER BUY A KIA!
2005 Kia Amanti - 3.5L V6 112,043 mi,
I have an '05 Amanti which I've sent to the dealer, I've replace the Accelerator pedal position sensor, the throttle position sensor but the problem still persists. I did notice recently that the issue becomes worse in warmer weather. Through some research I've noticed that the issue is probably due to faulty wiring in the wiring harness, but the harness is huge...and the dealer wants over a grand for the harness alone.
2005 Kia Amanti - 3.5L V6 117,000 mi,
Throttle Position sensor has low voltage on check engine code. Occurs after engine heats up and about every 3 day. Headed ti the parts store thanks to repair pal.
2005 Kia Amanti - 3.5L V6 61,000 mi,
"Check engine" light on. Diagnostics pointed to the acceleration position switch. Replaced at a garage. Kia dealer's estimate was 4X my mechanic's price.
2007 Kia Amanti - 3.5L V6 122,946 mi,
Check engine light came on, now its driving sluggish.
2005 Kia Amanti - 3.5L V6 30,000 mi,
At about 40MPH, it wants to chug, until you give it more fuel. Annoying as hell...KIA dealer said it had something to do with over-filling the gas tank, and a charcoal filter? That diagnosis, and supposed fix, ran $900. Off their lot, doing the same thing...mind you, we had not filled the tank since driving away. Dealer wanted more $$ to try to fix; no way, as we had seen the posts about this; they claimed ignorance about an on-going problem. Asked for any consideration regarding our $900 outlay-no way!! Have lived with the problem for 23K miles now; forget KIA service!! And, tho we love the car for everything else, probly won't buy another KIA. By the way, both front window motors went out within two weeks of each other recently. I'll fix those myself, thank you
2004 Kia Amanti - 3.5L V6 199,160 mi,
I had the same issue happen yesterday that others reported. Pulled out of the driveway and car wouldnt accelerate any faster than 10-15mph/felt like it was going to cut off. I had the car towed to a shop and they stated that it was "short in throttle wiring" and therefore repaired the wiring and "cleaned gunk" from the throttle. My check engine light and airbag light had also been on MONTHS prior to the car dying yesterday. It seems to be working fine now that they've replaced the wiring, but I'm a little nervous after reading the other comments from owners having the same issues! Hope they've fixed whats truly wrong with it.
2006 Kia Amanti - 3.5L V6 102,000 mi,
I had this problem with this accelerator pump sending unit, the car wouldn't start and only when I was lucky, was stranded many of times due to this problem. I spent lots of money. Only to find out the KIa dealer could Not guarantee their own work. Nor figure out this problem. Crazy we had No alternative but to except the Substantial loss of our Favorite Car (2006 Kia Amanti)..
2007 Kia Amanti - 3.5L V6 110,000 mi,
The car is giving me problems of acceleration and at time would turn on but shut off right away. Taking off was the major problem as the car has a though time picking up speed, in addition, it does not get up to proper highway speeds.
2005 Kia Amanti - 3.5L V6 100,000 mi,
everything started with my tumbler breaking on the ignition and a new ignition according to kia is almost impossible to reprogram into the cars computer (never heard of that before but whatever) so that had to be rigged with the original key in the original ignition wired into the new set. Then started the tps and aps. Mostly when its very wet out ex. raining or slushy in the winter the car acts up. Symptoms include no response in accelerator, the car acts like it id not getting gas when breaking causing the car to die, sitting around 2000 rpms when in gear and does nothing else, gives 4-6 engine codes all saying tps even though its been replaced, sometimes i cannot get the car over 45 and it takes putting the petal to the floor to get there and sometimes having to use the slap stick to manually shift it because it wont shift on its own into 3rd gear, randomly while trying to accelerate from a stop it has nothing (which is DANGEROUS) then all of a sudden its like you put it to the floor and takes off. When it runs its a great car when it has issues its dangerous and its scary getting into a car you cannot trust. Of course kia keeps just "guessing" saying it could be this or that. Well I would like to know how they don't know what is wrong with the vehicles they built! Also, forgot to add the airbag light came on before all the problems started and ive seen this a lot with people saying they are having all of these problems not sure if its connected.
2006 Kia Amanti - 3.5L V6 87,000 mi,
Car sluggish for short period, won't accelerate. Check engine light comes on. Oil change guy checked it, says it is the throttle position sensor. After a while it runs fine but light still on.
2005 Kia Amanti - 3.5L V6 200,000 mi,
Wiring loom connector for the TIPS #4 contact is a different metal than TPS sensor pin. Ultimately, I changed the loom connector, coated TPS pins with copper conducting grease. Also copper greased accelerator control module connectors. As inclement & high humidity weather seemed to exasperate the condition, I,also sealed connector external cases with silicon dielectric grease. Caution: be stingey with the greases,do not overcoat. All seems to eliminate the problem.
2004 Kia Amanti - 3.5L V6 145,000 mi,
below zero temps driving on the highway costing 65mph, exited about 40mph when the transmission failed to shift. I applied the breaks and when I went to hit the gas pedal again it chugged. no acceleration above 10mph. coasted to a spot and hit the breaks the engine died out. Over the next few days it came and went. Most noticeably when I had it in park the engine was idling way above normal (around 2-3krpm) I had a theory the throttle was stuck. Took it to my shop they charged me about $70 to clear the check engine light, clean the "gunk" on the accelerator and the sensor. Driving normal but still having a funky transmission shift so will be taking it for a flush next week since my amanti has over 145K miles on it.
2006 Kia Amanti - 3.5L V6 85,000 mi,