Lexus LS430 Problem Report

Lexus LS430 Abnormal Noise From Steering Column

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An abnormal noise may be noted from the steering column. Our technicians tell us this may be due to insufficient strength of the telescoping steering column cable, a redesigned cable has been made available to correct this concern.

every time I drive over a lumpy road it make a weird noise like it has to do something with the suspension. I have been to 5 different mechanics and they cant figure out the problem. They all tell me that there is absolutely no problems but it keeps bothering me! Everyone tells me "its a Lexus" and I ask them "what does that mean", everyone's response is the same "LEXUS DOES NOT HAVE PROBLEMS, stop imagining things." I dont understand, I am willing to pay to get rid of the stupid noise and sound! Does anyone else have the same problem when driving over a rough road slowly? -
The telescopic steering has been making noise and now it quits going in-and-out. Tilting is still working fine though. -
Once I turn off the ignition switch the steering wheel retracts making a humming noise. -
In hot weather the telescoping column "moans" when I turn the key to the on position. -
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