2005 Tribute - MIL ON with multiple Coil Primary Circuit DTCS on Mazda Tribute

Average mileage: 108,883 (52,141–171,230)
Engines affected: 2.3L 4 Cylinder, 3.0L V6
2 model years affected: 2002, 2005
20 people reported this problem
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2005 Mazda Tribute - 3.0L V6 94,000 mi,
I got injector cleaning service done at your local oil change place and car started misfiring so i took it back to them and they said ignition coils a and c were reading bad and that they(the lube place) didn't cause the problem. After my mechanic replaced the bad coils and we replaced all the spark plugs, car still runs crappy and the engine codes are still saying a and c ignition coils bad. We pulled manifold off and checked coils with meter and they were fine and put another set of spark plugs in just to be sure and still same problem..coils a and c bad. Now I notice the ac is not working so I took it to dealer. They said i needed to replace all coils with factory coils and change all spark plugs with motorcraft and I needed a new pcm because of radio frequency from spark plugs causing pcm to malfunction and that most likely computer was reason ac was not working. Oh yeah and they wanted 3 grand for this job! No way. I talked to another mechanic at ford that said wires were probably bad or computer was bad. After reading this forum,I'm not so sure I need a replacement computer, especially when everyone i have talked to said you cant return them once they are programmed and the cheapest one I have found is $400. I am wondering if injectors are bad. Is it okay to drive the car short distances until I can resolve this? Is there a way to check computer before buying one?PLEASE HELP!
2005 Mazda Tribute - 3.0L V6 86,500 mi,
Started Tribute and engine immediately began running rough - almost jerking. Drove around block and realized it was very serious and not about to stop. Check engine light came on. Towed to repair place and was told that it had a bad ignition coil, bad spark plug and that the PCM was fried. Had to order PCM from MAZDA dealer and the repair shop installed it, along with new ignition coil, and all new spark plugs. $1600.00 appx. 5 days later - the car is jerking and hesitating again. I was 1 1/2 hours from home the first time but it is now at a local repair shop and they say that the SAME ignition coil is bad. It is #2 so it is in the back of the engine and requires more labor to install. I have read many reports of this happening to this engine. My mechanic says it is a CHRONIC problem with Mazda engines. (ALSO FORDS with same engine)In one week, I will have well over $2000.00 in this excuse of a vehicle. Does anyone know how to initiate an investigation into Mazda for this obvious defect in their product????
2005 Mazda Tribute - 3.0L V6 95,000 mi,
I had this exact problem. I tried to start it and at first it didn't want to catch and then it did - it was running really rough. I had it towed to the dealer. The diagnostic showed at least four of the codes the poster listed - so everything is the same as what he went through. I was told about the TSB on this #0101604 NHTSA #10009915 and the solution I was told was the same as the poster. I will be picking it up with a $2200+ bill from dealer today. They did everything indicated in the post. I will know today if the problem is fixed. It better be. Per the TSB - this problem affects tributes from 2001-2006. After we got it running, had we tried to drive it, I know now the vehicle would have lost power and we could have been in a serious accident. Why is this not a safety recall issue???
2005 Mazda Tribute - 3.0L V6 94,000 mi,
Applies to 2005 Tribute 3.0L Engine ONLY. Some 2005 Tributes with a 3.0L Engine may exhibit a malfunction indicator lamp (MIL) ON with two or more diagnostic trouble code (DTCs) for coil-on-plug (COP) primary circuit faults (P0351, P0352, P0353, P0354, P0355, P0356). This may be due to the spark plugs causing RF interference with the PCM resulting in damage to the PCM and COPs. If there are two (2) or more coil circuit primary DTCs when running the Key On Engine Running test, then the repair must consist of: 1. Removal of any spark plug for inspection of 2-digit date code. If code is not present, all six (6) spark plugs must be replaced. 2. All six (6) COPs must be replaced. 3. The PCM must be replaced. My particular problem began with misfiring, causing the vehicle to sputter and jerk. Performance of the above completely solved the problem.
2005 Mazda Tribute - 3.0L V6 120,000 mi,
I started out with sputtering and ruff sound diagnosed as a head gasket but they fixed 2 coils cost 900.00. Took it to the guy who fixed my transmission and said it was not the head gasket but the same coils that one company did - so took it back to the first and they installed them again. Took to another place since the transmission guy does not work on engines and he offered 950 to fix the ECM not sure if the price of coil was in there. So when I was driving it home becasue I had to wait until he got a part it just started moving at 2 mph then I had to have it towed home. WTFreak. Now I have it towed to another place that will charge 1,000 but the part is on back order since there are so many Mazda's that need this part. They need to recall this just bite the bullet and pay for it. I will never ever buy a mazda or ford care. I am going back to my Honda. They are losing business by not replacing this. Oh and the mechanic has to replace 4 coils becasue they have to all be new before the engine will run right. Jeez
2005 Mazda Tribute - 3.0L V6 141,000 mi,
PCM, dealer wanted $2700,cars not even worth that much. trying circutboardmedics- (tried to replace coils, plugs etc b4 going to the dealer for a diag) out $360 from that, now $314 for cricutboardmedics- fingers crossed that it works. If anyone wants to start a lawsuit i'm in!!!!!
2005 Mazda Tribute - 3.0L V6 112,000 mi,
Mazda 2005 tribute 3.0L V6..... replaced 4 ignition coils, wires..whole kit then computer threw up code for manifold catalytic converters..ordered them and now is throwing up code to replace computer..it is ridiculous how many of these have had this similar problem.. so much for putting your good faith and hard earned money into a Mazda product!!Mazda needs to recall these vehicles for this problem..I am in the process of contacting them now wish me luck!!! will post if i get any results!!
2002 Mazda Tribute - 3.0L V6 86,700 mi,
I believe I had the same problem. I have a 2002 Mazda Tribute ES 3.0L V6 with 86700 miles. Never had a major problem with it but I recently had a check engine light come on and the engine was running a bit choppy. I checked the code P0306 at my local autoparts store and they said there was a misfire in cylinder 6. Two different mechanics gave me an estimate of a minimum of $1000 to fix it. Well I don't have that kind of money and the car is probably only worth around $2K to $3k anyway. I desperately needed a cheap fix. I changed the oil and added a bottle of Gumout High Milage Oil Treatment to the crankcase. Also added a 12oz bottle of Techron Fuel System Cleaner to a full tank of gas. Drove around the block slowly just 2 times and the light went out and the car is running great now purring like a kitten. Not sure which additive fixed it....but I'm a believer in both products now. My next step was going to be to change the 6th spark plug and coil, but luckily I didn't have to. The additives fixed it!
2005 Mazda Tribute - 3.0L V6 158,000 mi,
My Daughter's problems began with a rough running engine as she started her vehicle up after stopping at a gas station, 1/2 way back from St. Louis to her home in Kansas City. She hired a local mechanic, who replaced the back three plugs, and the #3 coil on the back side. It ran ok for about a week, then began the rough running again. This time it gave a code of the #2 coil. I told her that if these coils are going to continue to fail, that we may as well replace them all. So, I did exactly that. $250 later, it runs even worse. Thinking I did something wrong, I investigated everything I could about the coils and the problem. I took the intake manifold off again to verify everything is seated well and coils are adequately connected, and they are. I was hitting the "brick wall" when I started seeing more and more reports about the same problems occurring on the same model Mazda Tributes. Now, I don't know what to do. We can't afford to replace the PCM, and even if we could, it seems that this is a re-occurring problem. Looks like we'll just have to cut our losses, and look for a replacement vehicle for her, not that we can afford that option either. Goodbye Mazda!
Coils Melted down and computer failed
2005 Mazda Tribute - 3.0L V6 52,141 mi,
PCM was fried and three coils and spark plugs waiting for the computer to be shipped to my repair guy
2002 Mazda Tribute - 3.0L V6 95,000 mi,
I basically just bought this Mazda that was running rough and like many cars I have repaired by changing the cop did so on this car including the plugs to know avail car still runs the same after reading this post realized I was screwed.
2005 Mazda Tribute - 3.0L V6 135,000 mi,
Same problem as everyone else. Need to replace plugs, and make sure you get MOTORCRAFT coils. As far as PCM is concerned you save a fortune by googling Circuit Board Medics.. will repair for $299. Just send it to em and they repair and send back. Don't bother trying just plugs and coils with this problem, ends up costing more. Send pcm (or ecm) out for repair.
I have a 2005 mazda tribute i bought it new every 20 too 30 thousand miles two coil packs have burtn out witch cause the engine light to come on i fought with the dealer they put a new computer in my car but i had to pay two hundred dallors to program it service said it just came up on the computer the was a computer problem ,they new all these years and didnt want to any thing about it i have a v 6 engine and change the coils 3 times and two others one always two coils when at the same time. They recall every other year but. 2005 Iam still waiting for then air bag issue after looking on the recall i never even received half the notice just now learning abput them i will be calling them mazda will lie to your face in eight years i have wroting a e-mail too mazda stating that my car will never make it too 100,000 miles. I will never buy a mazda again they blames ford ford blames mazda. I hope some people see this and never deal with
2005 Mazda Tribute - 2.3L 4 Cylinder 104,440 mi,
I had the fuel injector system cleaned and the tribute started to misfire. Dampness especially caused the issue to worsen. At first the repairman thought it was electrical so replaced the battery. The car sat in the rain again and the misfiring started again. Yesterday I was merging into traffic. As I tried to accelerate, the tribute just died! Thank goodness I had not yet merged into the lane with fast-moving semis. The repairman now says he thinks it is related to Multiple Coil Primary Circuit. He would charge me $1,400 to replace coils and spark plugs. He says that might fix it. Might is not good enough when you are accelerating into traffic! Really disappointed. Dealer says there is no recall on this issue. I could have been severely injured. GOOD BYE MAZDA.
2005 Mazda Tribute - 3.0L V6 86,000 mi,
The ignition coil is misfiring and the engine shuts off while driving. The car jerks when hitting the gas and it has no power to go fast. The car stalls at the stop light.
2005 Mazda Tribute - 3.0L V6 130,000 mi,
The truck runs really rough and few sparks are out. Spark plug 3 and 4 is not contributing.
2005 Mazda Tribute - 3.0L V6 171,230 mi,
I was driving at about 60 mph in a steady rain at about 11:30pm when my Tribute turned its self off. The steering wheel locked into place, no brakes, but I still had lights. Of course as the engine power shut down and the weight of the vehicle tried to slow the vehicle, the wheels were still spinning coupled with the amount of water on the pavement I started hydroplaning. I have no idea why I am alive to write this. In any case it was the PCM and 6 coils and sparkplugs. Now because of the raw gas that was dumped into the catalytic converter it too needs to be replaced. The fix cost $2000. I have not replaced catalytic converted yet but my after checking around between another $700-$900.