Q: Why won't my car start? It is not a battery problem. Ignition key turns smooth on 1999 Volkswagen Cabrio

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I think that it could possibly have something to do with a part in the shift. Could it be caused by a faulty electro magnet? If not what could it be. When the key is turned no sound is made. I have removed the shift cover assembly and have been able to start it by fiddling with the electro magnet but it does not start up 100% by doing this. I only wish you guys would be local to me. Thanks for any/all suggestions.
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Have you tried starting it in neutral? Wiggling shifter also may help? I assume it is an automatic trans. If you get it started, take it to the shop and get the 'neutral safety switch' checked. It may just need adjusting.
I have tried starting it in neutral and also tried wiggling the shift to make sure that it is totally engaged. Is the neutral safety switch lock located on the shift column? It is an automatic.
Test for signal to starter solenoid when key turned to 'crank' position. Work backwards from there. System schematic and description would be really helpful to avoid guesswork and unnecessary parts replacement.