Q: why my ac is weak? on 2003 Toyota Camry

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my car ac is weak and the ac light start blinking and it disconnects and it's some times good on highway but on stopping it's very bad almost dead as if there is no ac
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You stated it works when on hiway but when stopped not to good! Think about it. Ram air at speed has to be replaced by fans at stop or slow driving. Compressor will stop without this air due to rise in head pressure! The BEST we can do is guess until we actually see the vehicle, and that aint going to happen.
WHUT ??u dont have sattelite access? ?????????(...note to Bruce- my wifes' '95 Camry 2.2L finally hit 300K (red-lining)while getting on Rte.81 yesterday! DAMN those Toyotas!!!)
Can't be beat! Them 2.2's are tough, not sure this 2.4 will do that without some work but so far so good. Getting a strange little jerk almost like a single misfire but seems to be trans. related maybe every 50 miles or so. We will see.