Q: Why does my abs,seatbelt and airbag lights come on when i use my turn signals on 2000 Chevrolet Impala

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turn signal buzzes when used.
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ONLY when the turn signals are used? No other action causes this? Buzzing when turn signals are used,, hum...... this buzzing sound, can you locate it?
Everything normal until flipped the arm to turn on turn signal. Buzzing sound - coming from steering column or dashboard. Could not tell if the turn signal was flashing. Buzzing was quite evident, not ear piercing but was quite alarming considering was not expecting it. Right away noticed ABS, seatbelt, & airbag light came on simultaneously. At the next turn, turn signal made no sound - not even the blinking sound. The 3 dashboard lights still on. And at the 3rd turn, everything went back to normal - turn signal worked and the dashboard lights went off (all at the same time). Very strange!
NAPA part # EP28. Turn on the signal lights, hope they work at this time, listen for the flasher clicking, find it under the dash and replace it with that NAPA part. Let us know the results.
Thanks... I'll give it a try. How is the flasher making my ABS, seatbelt, and airbag lights come on?
To keep it simple and somewhat understandable, it is called a printed circuit overload on the 'common' ground side. If that does not fix your problem, let us know. If that does fix your problem let us know!
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Lets say for the moment that a poor ground circuit is the cause,(quite likely) exactly how does replacing the flasher before that is proven help?
Been there done that, the buzzing noise is the flasher trying to complete the circuit. After a confirmed repair, i dont do a lot of testing on the next one! Now, there may very well be another problem here but this is one possible soultion that the owner can do, no sense in going into a lot of detail as most of the folks asking questions here are not technicians and do not have a professional scanner to do any testing with!! Best we keep that in mind.
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I agree that most here aren't technicians and they will be limited in what they can do, but if the problem is an excessive voltage drop on ground 202 (been there done that) then the flasher will buzz and you can lose communication between the ABS and airbag modules and the instrument cluster when the turn signals are activated. We shouldn't be so fast to pull the trigger on parts without some real proof and it isn't that hard to get.
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If those lights are coming on either codes are setting, or the instrument cluster is simply losing communication with those other modules. Start by pulling codes in every module, then pick one and diagnose it and see where it leads.
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