Q: When I turn on my ford Explore it makes a roaring sound. What could it be? on 1996 Ford Explorer

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I just had a new alternator put on, now I hear this loud roaring sound in the front of the suv.
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Does it get quieter after the engine runs a few minutes?
Are you listening to it with the hood open now rather than from the drivers seat?
It's possible it is just the 'clutched' radiator fan that makes a roaring sound when the engine is first started, like they all do, and you are just more aware of it now while you are checking stuff out! (Possible)
Best thing, i think, is before doing anything else, take it back and have the installer check it out.
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hi you might want to have who ever installed this alternator to recheck it maybe a defective part or something not installed right especially if noise was not there before
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