Q: what does the fuel injection pressure damper do? and will it cause my back fuel? on 1998 Toyota Avalon

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this is on a v6
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the fuel injection pressure dampers purpose is to absorb the fuel pumps pulsing of fuel into the fuel rail...that way you will have an even pressure instead of a pulsing fuel pressure.
ok well for some reason i am not getting any fuel to the back 3 fuel injectors could a bad damper be the cause?
incidently, fuel pressure is supposed to be 44-50psi. you say the back three injectors are not getting fuel? how did you know? they are under an intake plenum.
because when the car is running i removced all 3 plug wires to the back cylinders and the sound of the motor never changed. i checked the wires to the plug and the are firing at the plugs so there fore it narrows it down to a fuel problem. i can undo one coil pack on the fron three cylinders and the motor dies. so i know the front three are firing and getting fuel.
What do the rear 3 plugs look like when visually inspected? Gas or oil fouled ? Wet , but no smell of gas?
the plugs are dry and have no smell of gas on them. they seemed to have a lil carbon build up on them
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