Q: What could be the cause of the A/C blower not working for the rear seating area? on 2004 Honda Pilot

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Rear blower blows no air out in A/C or Heat mode and have changed all fuses.
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IT's the 'blower motor power transistor' located on drivers side under panel below shifter. Go to honda dealer for the part and they should be able to show you , if not print out, an exploded view of this part and it's location.If you've got good finger dexterity you might be able to do it by only removing the side trim panel partially using something to hold (bend) it back just enough to get in there.If you've got spastic fingers like mine , it'll be a little more fun. AND yes I've changed quite a few.Same holds true for the front blower motor , It's a power transistor NOT REsistor it does not get tested nor does it operate the same as older style vehicles with blower motor resistors.The one for the front is a hell of a lot easier to change though!!
DID it work ???DID IT REALLY WORK???? did you hurt your hands??......Seriously , glad I could help.
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