Q: water pump removal and replacement on 1997 Toyota Corolla

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when removing and replacing the water pump for this specific engine, is it absolutely necessary to remove the timing belt?
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I have changed enough of these water pumps to fill your trunk with them!! The pump will not come off the engine until the timing belt tensioner and the belt are removed! I dont give a damn what anybody else says otherwise!! I have already tried to tell you this but obviously you dont believe what i told you before! So once again i wish you well because that's about all anyone can do for you. You will see if you attempt this yourself and i really do hope you try it!!
i thank u sincerely for ur helpful insight. its not that i dont believe u, its just i get confused when im getting contradicting suggestions. i have took a look and no doubt u are right. could u give me a possible sequence in which to do first?
I will give you the facts; Have this done by a pro! Here's why; It's a tough job!! A 'quality' timing componet kit with the water pump and all oil seals needs to be installed NOW! If you have to borrow the money or set up a payment plan with the shop believe me that is the ONLY way to do this as it won't ever be a better or less expensive time for it! If you just install the pump then 6 months later another componet fails, how much money have you saved then? Think about it, I have absolutely nothing to gain here, just telling you the bare facts!! I have been doing this for 42 years and feel i am qualified to give you that advice, have seen too many people try to save a dollar only to have it cost them many more as a result! It's just plain logic! IF you are going to keep this car for any length of time! Yours truly, from the school of hard knocks, where i went! No need for you to do the same.
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