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Use to occasionally not turn on, now about 99% of the time it doesn't turn on. no audio, no display, cell phone connects it says on the controls but there is audio. tried all the buttons, setting band navigation....nothing on the display screen.

the display keeps recycling the message about fender audio. On rare occasion it will spontaneously start working while I'm driving or when I start the car.
any ideas ?
Headlights went out n my dash lights....had to use bright lights to drive home. Replaced bulbs n checked fuse nothing worked...could it be my switch?
Plz help??
After driving 1,900 miles on a road trip
pulled into the garage at home and it
showed Inspection Now on the dash,??
We did get the 30,000 mile oil change
before we left. The car ran great the
whole time.
I'm trying to tap into the cigarette lighter wiring to run a remote wire to an amplifier. The tray does not seem to pop out and I don't want to pry too hard and damage my new car.
The time delay defeats any fast response to problems. The idle is fast enough that I have to hold the brake engaged when waiting at stoplights or signs. The delay causes a wait time before proceeding. when merging into moving traffic this can be a problem.
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