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1999 Ford Ranger Question: truck squeaking in back of engine when out of gear in idle

mechanic said from the sound of it it was throwout bearing but no problem shifting as far as i can tell. also water getting in the rear end diff. -
Answer 1
Cam sensor synchronizers are known to fail in these vehicles,causing a squeek squeek squeek noise.The synchronizer bushings wear out causing this sound and as a result will take out the cam sensor that sits on top of the synchro,always replace in pairs. -
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Thanks I'll give that a try. -
Answer 2
Does noise change with clutch depressed? If not, answer 1 is most likely suspect! Mechanic needs to change cam sensor as it has to be synchronized with engine, if that is the problem! Replace the unit not just the sensor. Check the diff. vent hose and check valve may need to replace or reposition. ......Own a boat? -
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Yes and im always backing in the with rear end in water. How do you drain the fluid on diff. I havent noticed a drain plug anywhere? -
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You have to pull the cover off the back to drain. Fix that vent hose/connection and/or reposition/replace ! -
Answer 3
agree with #1 and #2. the cam sensors assm are sold at napa for approx 70.00. -